Being deeply interested in spirituality, after a long search upto the Himalayas ,  reading many books, meeting many Gurus, Finally,  I happened to read "I AM THAT" by Nisargadatta Maharaj and I instantly realized that my search was over.

My endeavor is to distribute material on Nisargadatta Maharaj freely to all the others. Anyone who has any material on/about Nisargadatta Maharaj and wishes it to be displayed on this Web site may please contact me on


Dvorahji has a very adorable persona. She has got a unique freshness and spontaneity, which is rarely found in the present Spiritual Leaders. One can find deep comfort and solace in her words. 

I do not see any conflict in the teachings of the above two Masters. Nisargadatta Maharaj's teaching is like a blazing sun, searing through the darkest  recesses of the mind. Dvorahji's talk seems like a moonbeam, balming the mind, and keeping one relaxed to understand the awesomeness of it all.


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