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Enlightenment is a big joke! Wake Up and see that it is your Very Nature. It’s what you already ARE. Now that you know that, you can stop making yourself so miserable searching for truth, happiness and enlightenment: And finally, finally, finally - Just Be Happy!


One day (38-years-ago) I woke up and everything looked different. I walked to a park, looked up at the trees and sky -- and they were vibrating, sparkling, as was everything and everyone, including me. Things were not as they appeared to be. We were not solid. Everything blended. The Trees, the rocks, the people, my hand, we were all vibrating in unison. We were all ONE.

I went back to the apartment where I was staying, and noticed a book on table. It was by Allan Watts called, "This Is It!" I took the next plane home to Los Angeles and learned to meditate. Meditation was my path. I became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. I wanted to know what was real and fair in a world that seemed so unreal and so unfair. For me the ticket was looking inside this body and mind -- where else could I go for answers?

I meditated for 30 years, teaching meditation all over the world. I Studied with some of the greatest Masters and Madmen -- and still knew nothing. I talked the Advaita talk and cried the Bhakti prayer and had the usual spiritual answers about past lives, energy, consciousness etc. I had the rhetoric down. But I "knew" nothing. This may have been "It" according to Allan Watts, but I wasn't IT!

And then, one day, a rainbow shinning through a window landed on top of my hand. I looked at all the colors - mesmerized in amazement. "How could something so unreal, look so real?" It looked as if true colors were painted on my hand, and yet it was only a reflection. I felt a switch go off in my brain. This world is not as it appears to be. The ONENESS I'd experienced in Haight-Ashbury came flooding back. This division, this unhappiness in myself and others, was like a mass hypnosis, an illusion, like the rainbow shinning on my hand.

All I can say, is there is deep peace in the middle of this world that appears to be so chaotic, uncaring and random. There is deep knowledge that you can ONLY BE, and sounds so ridiculous and trite when you talk about it. Anyone Can Wake Up to their True Peaceful Enlightened Nature in the midst of heartbreak and confusion. That Possibility, that Invitation exists for Everyone.

Ask Dvorahji: WILL YOU GUIDE ME?

 Wednesday, 01 October 2008 at 12:45
Q: Dvorahji:
u r great!!! ur words, ur phrases evything is sooooo touching... its like m in wonderland and all those beautiful saying.. will u guide me in my future endeavors?

A: My Dear Darling Girl:
You are always being guided, ALWAYS no exceptions. If people would just realize how loved and safe they are, no matter who they are, what they've said and what they've done, they'd understand who they are. I tell you, "You are ALWAYS GUIDED, ALWAYS. There is never an endeavor that the Divine doesn't guide. EVERYTHING is guided by the Divine whether you know it or not.

If you recognize me and you hear my "beautiful sayings" then please hear this and finally, finally believe it, so you never have to ask anyone to guide you again - because you'll know it's all taken care of...

You are always, always guided and you are always always safe, and you are always, always loved - no exceptions, EVER.

love your friend Dvorah


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